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  • From 49 € complete price for RT-PCR Covid-19 test without additional costs, for self-payers! NOTE: Test center Düsseldorf closed.
  • Result usually in 24-48h by SMS/email (also on weekends and holidays)
  • Medical report in German and English as PDF, incl. passport number for air travel etc. Hotline: pcr-corona@cbtmed.de

PCR tests for nail fungus, skin fungus, sexually transmitted diseases (chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, genital herpes, cold sores, soft chancre, mycoplasma, trichomonads, ureaplasma, mycoplasma), fructose and lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance? This way!

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Covid-19 test

Receive your test result usually within 24-48 hours

Select a test center online and conveniently book a suitable appointment.
Confirm reservation by SMS or email and receive QR code for check-in.
Show up at the selected test center at the agreed time and get tested.
Result received by SMS or email. Findings received as PDF in German and English.

Testing facilities in Bonn, Königswinter, Troisdorf

  • Opening times: Please click on 'Reservation'.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a PCR test or the rapid test?

We offer both PCR tests and rapid antigen tests. The PCR test is a direct detection (the genetic material of the virus is detected) and is more sensitive and specific than the antigen rapid test. A throat-nose swab is taken. The result of the PCR test is usually available within 24h. The result of the rapid antigen test is usually available within 15-20 min.

Where are the testing centers and what are the opening hours?

Please click on the reservation button for this. There you will see all the test centers and opening hours. The available times per test center will be shown to you in the registration process. You can select a time slot and reserve it conveniently, and do not need to wait in line for a long time.

Can I also come to you with symptoms?

Unfortunately, you may NOT come to us with symptoms. In this case, please consult your family doctor immediately, always wear a professional mask and keep your distance from all persons!

When will I receive my appointment confirmation via SMS/email?

You will receive an appointment confirmation by email and via SMS to your cell phone immediately after you have completed the booking process.

How and when will I get my test result via SMS and email?

As soon as the test result is available, you will be informed via SMS and email. In the case of the PCR test, the result is also available for download as a PDF, it is in German and English and also contains your ID/passport number if you provide this in the booking process, as required by some airlines, for example. We usually send you the result within 24-48 hours (PCR) or 15-20 minutes (rapid antigen test). (Currently 97.8% of all PCR results arrive within less than 24 hours).

Is it possible to include my ID card or passport number on the findings?

Yes, you can enter the ID card or passport number in the registration process. This will then appear on the PCR result. The PCR report is in German and English. Please make sure that all the information provided is correct, otherwise there may be considerable problems, e.g. when traveling by air. Please also note that, in contrast, the antigen rapid test result is usually not accepted for air travel, etc.

Can I fly with the findings? Is the finding in German and English?

Yes, the report is in German and English. PCR results (as opposed to rapid test results, are usually accepted by German airlines. Please note that some other airlines and countries of entry may have additional requirements regarding the type and extent of tests.

How can I correct the information on my result? (Only applies to PCR results!)

Please request a correction of your personal data by selecting, in the link with your findings, the field -I made a mistake in entering personal data and would like to correct it- and change your data. Your correction request will be released within 24-48 hours and you will receive a new link.

If I test negative today, can I then go to Grandma & Co. with peace of mind?

Basically, a negative test gives you more security in dealing with your relatives. The test is a snapshot and not a prevention. So it essentially depends on the behavior after the smear test. A negative test result indicates the infection status at the time the test was performed and thus that there was no viral load or a viral load below the detection limit at that time.

What do I do if the test result is positive?

In case of a positive result, you must immediately go into quarantine! This also applies to household members of persons with a positive rapid test! Quarantine may only be terminated if a subsequent PCR test has a negative result. As a person tested positive, you are entitled to a free PCR test for confirmation or refutation. Please also inform yourself immediately about the currently applicable regulations and obligations and follow them. Positive test results are automatically forwarded by us to the responsible health authority. In case of a negative PCR test after a positive rapid test, the tested persons must send the negative test result to the health department in order to be allowed to leave the quarantine. A screenshot from the Corona warning app is not sufficient for this. The quickest way to be released from quarantine is to email the lab result to schnelltestkontrolle@stadt-koeln.de.

How can I reach you if I have any queries?

If you have any queries, please contact me only via the following email and/or website: pcr-corona@cbtmed.de https://www.cbtmed.de/ueber-uns/unternehmen-aktuell/ .

How can I cancel or change an appointment beforehand for free?

After confirming the appointment, you have the option to cancel this appointment free of charge via a link (below the barcode). In case of a rebooking, please rebook the desired appointment and cancel the original appointment.

How does the payment work?

We will send you a link via SMS and email where you can download both the medically validated findings and the invoice. You can download invoice and findings as PDF. Please pay the invoice within 10 days after receipt. Citizen rapid tests are free of charge for certain citizens residing in Germany.

Can you tell me where there are other info points and/or test points?

For more test sites, please contact your local health department. You can also get more information at https://www.bundesregierung.de/breg-de/themen/coronavirus/corona-bundeslaender-1745198 (external link).

Do you have a telephone number for the public health office or citizen telephone?

For this, please inform yourself on the Internet https://www.bundesregierung.de/breg-de/themen/coronavirus/corona-bundeslaender-1745198 (external link).